CareyFrom an early age life leads us down paths where doors open and close allowing life to be explored. One step after another life presents itself and we become engaged in its presence. I am passionate about supporting others in their own journey and path of becoming more present to themselves and present to the world around them as they witness the transformation of their outer world through the transformation of their inner world.

A door that opened at a young age along my path was being a competitive athlete where the mind/body connection pulled at my heart. Time coaching youth led to working with youth at risk in a Wilderness Treatment Centre and Residential setting as a Youth Care Counsellor. Followed was 14 years as an Adult, Youth and Child Counsellor creating a strong foundation in working with individuals, families and children supporting them in addressing social, psychological, emotional and behavioural issues. Passionate about integrating the mind/body connection and integrating conscious and unconscious aspects of our being, Self-Regulation therapy has been integral in addressing issues of trauma.  Cranial Sacral Therapy being a strong passion opened the door to deeper levels of healing while exploring and working with birth imprints through Pre-Perinatal Professional Training. Recent Cranial Sacral Therapy Training specializing in supporting infant breastfeeding and addressing birth imprints is a passion and plays a crucial role in early development and attachment. Doors opened and paths explored have created my current practice of modalities that include Cranial Sacral Therapy, IN8 Guidance, Massage, Pre-Perinatal Professional Training, Integrative Energy Healing, Self-Regulation Therapy and Shamanism.

Life experiences invite paths and doors to be opened and explored creating the stepping stones along our path. The mind/body connection has been a passion and the flow of the river that leads the way inviting programs and trainings that have created a constellation providing light and guidance, healing and support offering a holistic approach in supporting issues on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Aligning elements of Cranial Sacral Therapy, IN8 Guidance, Massage, Pre-Perinatal Training, Integrative Energy Healing and Shamanism in sessions, an expanded level of consciously creating unfolds and new worlds are birthed.

I look forward to supporting and being present to where you are on your path allowing an expansion of awareness to ground one’s own internal supports, mind/body connection, insights, dreams, visions and healing to reflect into your present world.