Invite yourself to transform your outer world through your inner world.

Chronic pain, anxiety, depression and somatic complaints are common ailments these days. Our body guides the way in the patterns of every day. Whether beginnings, transitions or endings there is always something at play. How to shift into a new way.

A constellation of Cranial Sacral Therapy, IN8 Guidance, Massage, Pre-Perinatal Therapy, Integrative Energy Healing, Shamanism, and Self-Regulation Therapy light and guide the way in sessions bringing support for greater clarity, insights and guidance where old patterns melt away to create new neural pathways.

From pre-conception or planning for a new baby, to preparing for birth, loss, or after the big birthing day. The journey continues and we can be supported at any age, stage or phase with symptoms that may pervade. A holistic approach paves the way, your body is incredibly wise as it transforms patterns that are from yesterday.

Invite yourself to experience and connect with your bodies inner wisdom allowing greater connection, healing, clarity, lightness, flow, balance and more.

Like a drop of water in the ocean, we are in a world of interchanging energies. We are energy.

Conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings and emotions, like the sun, moon, and tide effect us everyday.

How are we riding the waves?

Do we go with the flow, do we glide upon the shore, do we get splashed against the rocks, or do we polish them smooth.

Do we know when storms are coming, do we know that we are the storm.

Do we know that all these elements are all parts of us to be explored.

Do we know we are stillness and so much more.